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Why Maxilla is called "the Beauty Bone"?

Have you ever noticed that we often consider some people more attractive than others? If you look at their faces carefully, you will notice one common feature – the horizontal proportion.  In other words, they have a wider upper jaw. It is shaped by a bone called Maxilla and influences our perception of someone`s beauty more than eye color, skin tone, and even the shape of the nose.

But how exactly does the upper jaw shapes the overall attractiveness of the face?  And is there a way to train, develop, and re-shape your jawline? Let`s try to answer these questions by understanding the role of Maxilla and how exactly it has become the Beauty Bone.

The importance of Maxilla

The upper jaw bone plays an important role in attractiveness simply because all the other features of your face that influence the overall impression is attached to it. Therefore, the shape of your lips and nose, size, and position of your eyes and even the lower jawline depend on Maxilla – its size and proportion.

Those who see the connection between the upper jaw and attractiveness, usually try to enhance it through teeth aligning. But if you understand the role of Maxilla in the shape and proportion of your face, you would not even consider wearing brackets.  The displacement of Maxilla often backfires with misshaped nasal septum and disproportion of eyes. Maxilla supports our eyeballs. Therefore when it takes the “up-and-forward” position, a person looks younger and healthier. But when the upper jaw goes down and backward, we get the deep-set-eyes with the “panda spots” and wrinkles that are commonly associated with aging and poor health. Another important feature of Maxilla is the distance between the tip of the nose and the upper lip. The smaller it is, the younger a person looks. Some cultures even make a connection between this facial feature and a person`s intelligence.

That said, now you might understand why we see so many “Duck Faces” in social media. Even those who have no idea about the direct connection between Maxilla and attractiveness, try to make it shorter and wider – create the horizontal proportion of the upper jaw.

Chin and tongue muscles influence Maxilla

The importance of the tongue cannot be overrated. It does not only influence the way you speak. Its strength and development are important for healthy chewing and digestion and even the attractiveness of your face. A perfectly shaped and trained tongue constantly pushes against the upper palate making your Maxilla go up and forward and the upper jaw – wider. As a result, you get a proportional placement of nose and eyes and defined cheekbones, that are so widely celebrated by makeup artists and social media influencers.

On the contrary, a weak tongue and underdeveloped Masseter ( the jawline muscle) lead to the weak chin and “long face” effect. Yes, most of the features of our faces are programmed by genetics. But some of them are being influenced and developed throughout our whole lives. Starting from the very first day, being breastfed or eating from a bottle, a baby develops the very first habits that define the way the tongue and jawline muscles will develop and operate in the future. Eventually, all ortothropists and physiognomists come to the same conclusion – the shape and symmetry of our faces are much more influenced by outer factors and habits then genetics. To prove this point, you may take a glance at old photos. 100 years ago people had much more defined cheekbones and horizontal facial symmetry. Although you might have some common features with your great-grandma, most modern habits like spending several hours per day in front of a computer or staring at the gadget screen, have dramatically influenced the shape of your jawline muscles. At the same time, eating softer and processed food has lead to the fact that nowadays we have much weaker tongue muscles then our ancestors.

Shaping your Beauty Bone

So now you understand that your overall attractiveness generally depends on the shape and placement of one particular bone. Moreover, its position and proportion are not pre-defined by genetics and is greatly influenced by the development and strength of jawline muscles and tongue. In other words, you may shape your  Beauty Bone! And the best news is – we are not talking about costly and painful plastic surgeries. Such radical and aggressive interference in the structure of your face might cause more harm than improvement for your looks. Just like with body fitness, graduate face strengthening, and jawline enhancement is the healthiest and the most efficient way to get the desired result, work out healthy habits, and maintain your healthy, fresh, and attractive look.

A Jawline enhancer is aimed to awaken the habits that are widely neglected because of the modern lifestyle. Chin strengthening is reached through the development of the Masseter – the jawline muscle. Exercising the jaw muscles helps build them up and give your jaw a more defined look. While the Internet is full of recommendations and exercise plans that are aimed to improve your jawline, just like any kind of fitness, chin, neck, and tongue enhancement is much more efficient when you use proper equipment.

While training the chew muscles and strengthening your tongue, Jaw Enhancer does not only help to re-shape and settle your Maxilla but solves many related problems. With regular exercise, Jaw Enhancer will make you forget about a double chin. And the improved blood circulation will make your skin look fresh and healthy.

Jawline exercise – a powerful non-surgical anti-age

The Jawline is the area on a face where aging becomes the most obvious. You have noticed how a Jawline of a young person differs from the elder ones. There is a particular angle between the jaw and neck which influences the overall impression from the face oval. Therefore it is widely called the Beauty Angle. The modern beauty standards dictate that the perfect beauty angle is between 100o and 120o. You may find a lot of celebrity photos on the Internet that demonstrate these exact measurements.

But even the degree of the Beauty Angle is not that crucial as its clarity. The shape of your Jawline becomes vaguer with aging. This happens due to many interrelated processes. Some of them happen due to the hormonal changes that inevitably accompany aging, others depend on genetics. Anyway, aging is the most evident of the face and particularly – the Jawline. That is why face-lifting – anti-aging cosmetic and surgical procedures have always been and will remain among the most popular ones.

What your plastic surgeon will never tell you

We are all used to the thought that aging is inevitable. But of course, everybody wants to prolong the youth as much as possible. The modern market offers a wide range of products and procedures that promise strong anti-aging effects, face-lifting, and correction of the Jawline Beauty Angle. Most of them are quite efficient. But are all of them necessary? Even though aging is inevitable, most processes that lead to uneven Jawline are pretty manageable without any aggressive surgical interference or costly cosmetic procedures. To understand how to turn back time and get a perfect Jaw Beauty Angle, let us take a look at what causes the problem itself.

Reasons for an uneven Jawline

Of course, your Jaw Beauty Angle and the aging processes strongly depend on the genetics. But after all, there are only 2 reasons for it to become vague and uneven

  • Chew Muscle shortening.

This is the most common reason that leads to visual Jawline aging for about 85% of people. Chew muscle that connects the upper and the lower jaw degraded with age mostly due to our diet – eating soft processed food that does not require much chewing. Eventually, the lower jaw raises, making the Beauty Angle unclear, and the face tissues begin to sag.

  • Chew Muscle stretch. 

Only 15-20% of people age genetically predisposed to this effect. Usually, those are the ones with a defined, heavy lower Jawline. In this case, the Beauty Angle remains quite defined, but the lower jaw gradually moves forward leading to the so-called “evil witch” face.

Jawline fitness

Just like fitness helps you keep your body strong and healthy, certain exercises may tone up your Jawline, prevent muscles from stretching and degradation, and significantly postpone your visit to the plastic surgeon.

As we said above, the main reason for an uneven Jawline and unclear Beauty angle is the deformation of the chewing muscle. Despite general predisposing usually, our lifestyle leads to this process.

Food habits, bad posture, and everyday routine of sitting in front of a computer or playing with gadgets all day long – all those are direct reasons for the deformation of the chewing muscle.

Of course, it is simply impossible to change your whole lifestyle for the sake of Jawline anti-age, but there is a certain undemanding routine that will help you take control over the aging.

There are two types of Jawline anti-age exercise – tongue strengthening and chew muscle training. The effects of this routine are visible shortly just like the effect of any fitness done regularly and properly.

  • Preservation and strengthening of the Beauty angle due to stimulation of the chewing muscle
  • Second chin prophylactics reached through tongue strengthening
  • A significant shortage of nasolabial folds

The tongue exercise

It is a very easy routine that does not require too much time and effort but has an almost instant visual effect.

  • Place your tongue in front of your teeth
  • Start moving the tongue slowly but with a significant pressure against the cheek muscles
  • Repeat 4-5 times clockwise and counterclockwise

It is important to keep your mouth relaxed and even slightly opened while you do the exercise to prevent wrinkles around the lipline.

Chew Muscle exercise

Just like any kind of fitness, Jawline exercises are much more efficient when you use appropriate and quality equipment. Jawline enhancers – the chin exercise balls are a powerful tool that solves the main problem of the Jawline aging – degradation of the chewing muscle. It is mostly caused by our modern food habits. Our ancestors used to eat more raw, unprocessed food that demanded some significant chewing. Therefore you might have noticed, that people in old photos look different. Of course, you cannot change your whole diet at once for the sake of a defined Jawline. That`s why Jawline fitness ball is an excellent solution in this case. Using it for several minutes per day according to instructions solves the crucial problems:

  • Jawline enhancer tones the chew muscles, preventing it from shortening and stretching
  • It strengthens the tongue preventing the second chin
  • Jaw ball is specially designed so you may exercise your jaw without the fear of overdoing it

We all know that prophylactics are the best treatment. Those who see surgical anti-age procedures as the only solution for an aging Jawline reject themselves from a chance to work-out a healthy habit that would not only have a strong visual anti-age effect but also strengthens gums and chewing muscles leading to better and healthier digestion and overall wellness.

Superhero Jawline. Standard Set by Evolution

Open any comic book or play a Disney cartoon. All the male characters there have something in common, no matter what comic book universe or animation studio they belong to. There is something in their faces that lets you see from the whether beginning, who stands in front of you – a noble hero ready to save the world or a villain looking for domination.  It is literary written on their faces. On their jawlines, to be more precise. And although modern artists try to break stereotypes offering us much more various images, most visual standards remain unchanged. A character with a defined and heavy Jawline is considered to be masculine and strong, while the one with a soft, round, or pointy chin is a coward in the best-case scenario or even the evil genius. Compare Batman and Joker, Thor and Loki, Spongebob and Plankton. This concept seems to be quite common for any kind of visual art and perceived equally by men and women, children, and grownups. Just like any stereotype and pattern in our lives, this one has a detailed scientific explanation closely related to our evolution.


Science of Heroes

No matter what the latest social trends might be, the world is still divided into two. Those two sides are defined with 2 hormones – estrogen and testosterone. Those hormones don`t only influence the processes in our bodies that define us as men and women, but of course, define how we look at all. Wide and strong bones develop under the influence of a high testosterone level. It also influences the immune system. So, subconsciously, we percept a person with a heavily defined jaw as a healthier and stronger one. In other words – worth mating with. Bone structure is the basic element of the physical difference between genders. As a species, humans had a very division of responsibilities since the dawn of time. Men had to hunt and protect territory – and to do so were supposed to have stronger and more durable bodies. Women were supposed to give birth, feed, and comfort. Therefore perfect female bodies were associated with softness and round shapes. Since ancient times we have this perception that something hard and square is masculine, while soft and streamed lines are associated with female sexuality. We are intuitively attracted to features that we might lack. Therefore in seek of protection and strength, we address monumental shapes, while round silhouette and soft-touch are widely associated with comfort and tenderness. This strict gender might have lost its relevance now when men don`t hunt moments anymore and women have more on their plate than giving birth and keeping the fire. But whatever is placed into our consciousness by millions of years of evolution cannot be swept off by a couple of decades of social activism.


Ancient Comic Books

It all started many centuries ago. When art was not that realistic yet, symbolism already played a significant role. It was very important to tell as much as possible about every character, but the range of descriptive tools was quite restricted. That is how artists came to certain patterns that would allow giving a traditional image of every character. You may see this clearly on different art objects – from statues of Greek gods to portraits of Medieval nobility. The difference between male and female figures always had to be marked out.

The visual difference between heroes and villains, especially the facial features, was developing with religious influence. We know how most religions consider women to be the progenitors of evil. Therefore in most cultures, the image of demons has always had visible female features. We all have seen those fiends with soft (pregnant?) bellies and, of course, they all have round faces. While heroic figures usually have square jawlines, sometimes marked out with heavy beards.

So modern artists did not invent the bicycles. They have taken image concepts worked out by their ancestors and remastered them for current trends. So, yes, Prince Charming might be a total a-hole in “Shrek”, because we teach our children not to judge people by their looks, but he could not be “Charming” without that defined square Jawline.


“Superhero Jawline” Standard

With the development of plastic surgery, “Superhero Jaw” became a common trend among doctors. More and more men come every year with actual comic book images demanding for the “Batman” or “Green Lantern” jaw. Only several years ago, achieving the perfect face shape would mean a harsh invasive surgery with bone-breakage, a long rehabilitation period, and a massive bill. Most people might get chills even now from just thinking about possible ways to enhance the Jawline.

Fortunately, science moves forward. A more comprehensive study of human anatomy allows us to find modern humane ways to adjust our bodies without maiming. The study of the influence of chew muscle and its development of the Jawline and chin shape has allowed us to come up with a Jawline Enhancer – a tool that allows us to get the “Superhero Jawline” effect without painful and costly surgeries.

While the attractiveness standards are extremely powerful, they don`t only influence private life. They may be essential for social status establishment and career. Whatever you might write in your resume, any employer would gladly hire a candidate that looks strong, reliable, and self-confident. A shaped and defined Jawline is what makes a man look more mature and credible – a live superhero in other words. And thanks to the Jawline enhancer, anyone may achieve this effect now.

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