Dan & Dave

Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to visit our website. We are two friends from Manchester, both 26 years old. Being friends from an early age, we both knew that one day we would want to run our own business with a product that offers real value.

Our Journey

Our journey started halfway through 2020, we have always discussed creating a product within the personal care
industry. We knew that a well developed jaw was an attractive feature, but the option to develop your jaw was limited, you would have to pay thousands of pounds to have fillers/surgery. We started studying the jaw and found it is mainly controlled by one muscle, the masseter. We both go to the gym so know if you work a muscle correctly then it grows, simple.

Our product

The next months were followed by intense designing and testing. It took our team months to perfect the resistance, complemented by a comfortable chew. The result is a very effective training tool for your jaw muscle. Meet your new best friend, Jawmetrics!